Michel Doppert

Michel Doppert

Master Black Belt / Lead Instructor U.K.

I started my journey on continuous improvement in 1986, as a Quality Inspector and Manager for a major European Airline. I learned many Lean tools and Techniques, although the word Lean was then not yet used as a common definition of the application of this mindset and tools yet.

After fulfilling roles in sales and as an Emergency Response Manager (where I really understood the pivotal requirement of root cause analysis and continuous improvement), I first encountered Six Sigma when I joined a US company called General Electric in 1996. After a brief culture shock, I loved the structure and the data based decision making now added to continuous improvement activities, Six Sigma provided. I was certified as a Master Black Belt by GE and went on to build a Continuous Improvement infrastructure as a certified Quality Leader. After these roles, I was chosen for senior leadership positions in several GE businesses.

Now I really understood what value Lean Six Sigma can bring to companies and organizations, focusing on continuously adapting to new developments and looking to continuously getting better at what we do, based on our ever changing customer requirements.

I am enjoying this journey, still learning and growing, striving for perfection. I would enjoy the opportunity to do this with you and learn from your ideas. After all, with continuous improvement it is about progress and not perfection.

Learn more about what drives and inspires me and visit my linkedin profile.

Im active in: The Netherlands and The United Kingdom

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