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The Lean Six Sigma Company is a global provider of courses, training and coaching in the field of Lean Six Sigma. As an international company, The Lean Six Sigma Company is active in more than 25 countries spread across the globe and offers its courses in the native language of each country.

Our course content is held to a high global standard and is compliant with the ISO18404 competency standards. This means the value of your training and certificate are recognized globally.

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The Lean Six Sigma Company has provided its services since 2002, sharing their wealth of experience for over 15 years.


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The Lean Six Sigma Company is active in a whopping 25 countries all over the world.



The Lean Six Sigma Company offers a total of 17 different Lean and Six Sigma courses.



The Lean Six Sigma Company has trained over 25.000 students with its process improvement courses.

About us

The Lean Six Sigma Company was founded in 2002, starting out as a small Lean Six Sigma training and consultancy firm based out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays we offer our services in 25 countries across the globe in over 12 languages, and have become Europe’s leading provider in the field of Lean Six Sigma. We offer 17 different course on the subjects of Lean and Six Sigma, and have successfully trained and certified over 25.000 students over the years.

Our ambition is to facilitate organisations to excel in what they do. We do this by training our delegates in becoming become skilled Lean Six Sigma professionals. We furthermore offer our active support to organisations in implementing Lean Six Sigma programmes. Our focus is on knowledge transfer through training, workshops and coaching.

By cooperating with universities and colleges across Europe (e.g. Paris, France / London, England / Ghent, Belgium / Rotterdam, The Netherlands) we guarantee our certification is endorsed by reputable official learning institutions. In some markets, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum has been officially recognised a post graduate degree (The Netherlands / Belgium).


Since we started in 2002 we have  welcomed hundreds of delegates from both the services arena (e.g. healthcare and public  services) as well as the industrial sector (e.g. oil & gas, automotive and aviation).

We are also proud to have trained and certified Lean Six Sigma professionals from the following companies:

We look forward to work together with you!

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